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About the Izzo Legacy

Mid-Michigan has been my home for all of my adult life. It’s where I ran my business, it’s where I was married, and it’s where we’ve raised our family. Tom and I have certainly been blessed to be a part of this community and we feel a genuine obligation to give back to the MSU and Mid-Michigan communities that have become such a large part of our lives. One of the reasons we’ve never left Michigan State is the strong connection we feel to our community.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to be a small part of many different charitable groups and causes that have brought so much good to our community. I’ve given a lot of thought and have come to understand that the opportunity exists to do even more. With that in mind, Tom and I have developed the Izzo Legacy to formalize our commitment to our community. While it’s not on the near horizon, it’s no secret that at some point Tom will no longer coach at Michigan State. The Izzo Legacy provides a manner in which we can still support our community for years to come.

While it may carry our name, the Izzo Legacy is greater than just Tom and me and our family. It’s meant to bring together people in the community for the common purpose of helping others. As one of 12 children, a mother to two children and a basketball mom to hundreds more, family means everything to me. Similarly, Tom has focused on building a program that is inclusive to players of all eras. In much the same way, we want everyone to take some ownership in the Izzo Legacy. Community involvement and ownership will build something that will last long after we’re gone.

Thank you for any and all support in my family’s efforts to support this great community.

Best Wishes,

Lupe Izzo

Causes We Support

Proceeds from the Fund help these organizations:


Our family’s name may be on the foundation, but we couldn’t do this without the help of these wonderful people.

Tab Jackson, Event Committee Co-Chair

Seth Kesler, Committee Member

John Benedict, Event Committee Co-Chair

Jon Martin, Committee Member

Marcy Gillespie-Kinzer, Race Director

Sandy Maines, Committee Member

Sarah Skilling, Committee Member

Andy Marsh, Assistant Race Director

Lisa Hildorf, Sponsorship Committee

Stella Cash, Sponsorship Committee

Rob Antcliff, Committee Member

Lauren Aitch, Committee Member

Blair Fife, Committee Member

Trish LaPorte, Sponsorship Committee

Our Board


Christina (“Tina”) Ferland


Mallory Griffin

Marcy Gillespie-Kinzer

Marcy Gillespie-Kinzer

Lupe Marinez Izzo

Lupe Marinez Izzo

Justin Sheehan

Justin Sheehan

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Izzo Legacy 5K Run/Walk/Roll is seeking sponsors who share in our appreciation for Coach Tom Izzo, Michigan State University and the entire Spartan Nation. Sponsors should be committed to helping create an event that will honor and celebrate the legacy of Coach Izzo.

Sponsors will receive pre-race, race day and post-race marketing benefits based on their level of sponsorship.

Want to help, but not as a sponsor? We’re looking for volunteers for Race Day!

Levels of Sponsorship

Hall of Fame (Sold Out!)

National Champion (Sold Out!)

Final Four

Elite Eight

Sweet 16


The Izzo Race 2019

The Izzo Race was a huge success thanks to all of our sponsors and all those who came out and ran! Check out some photos from the event.

Support the Legacy!

Honor the impact and legacy of Coach Tom Izzo and celebrate his value of hard work, Spartan royalty, family, community and charitable giving.

Benefit local charities selected by the Izzo family.

Encourage inclusivity by coordinating with MSU Adaptive Sports to accommodate participants of all abilities.

Provide the Spartan community with a unique family-friendly event.

Contact The Izzo Legacy

Drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!:

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