The Davies Project

The Davies Project connects families to resources and community by providing reliable transportation for seriously ill children and pregnant women to essential healthcare. When transportation is a challenge, well-screened and trained volunteer drivers provide rides to: All medical appointments for children with a serious health condition Prenatal appointments for pregnant women The NICU for parents

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The House of Promise

Our residential program focuses on addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs post-trauma of the survivors. Our staff provides guidance, attention, unconditional love to each resident and security that most of them have never known. THOP is a two-year program. The program is structured to rehabilitate the client from trauma through counseling and by teaching

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Lansing Promise

The Lansing Promise is a scholarship program offering tuition assistance for post-secondary (college or skilled trade) education to all eligible high school graduates within the Lansing School District boundaries. The Promise provides tuition assistance for up to 65 credits at Lansing Community College or the equivalent dollar amount toward tuition and fees at Michigan State

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The Mission of Holy Cross Services is to bring hope, promote change, and help people live free, healthy, and productive lives. Our statewide families and children programs include Family-Based Care and Youth Transition; Residential Care and Family Healing; Housing and Community Advocacy. For decades, the New Hope Community Center (“New Hope”) has been a pillar


Cristo Rey Community Center

Cristo Rey Community Center (CRCC) has been providing critical services to vulnerable individuals and families in our community for more than 53 years. Our organization addresses a broad array of immediate needs, integrates numerous crisis intervention services under one roof, and provides capacity building programs designed to support individuals and families as they transition from

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MSU Safe Place

The primary purpose of MSU Safe Place is to ensure the personal safety, welfare, and dignity of those who experience relationship violence and stalking within the MSU and greater Lansing communities. Goals include: Providing temporary and safe shelter, advocacy, support and referrals for MSU students, staff, faculty, or their partners, as well as greater Lansing

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Ele’s Place

Ele’s Place is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to creating awareness of and support for grieving children, teens and their families.  We offer peer-to-peer support groups for children ages 3-18 years old along with a young adult group for 18-25 year olds, all at no cost to families.    One in 11 children in

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